Compiling a best of all time list for any sport or sport’s team is never an easy task. Why, because many of us have our own opinion about who was the best athlete of all time. However, sometimes the statistics speak for themselves, such as in the case of who the best Chicago Bear Quarterbacks of all time were. These men proved themselves on the football field and some have records that stand even decades after they since left the game.

Bill Wade

Originally playing for the Los Angeles Rams, Wade joined the Bears in 1961 as the starting quarterback and remained with the team till 1966. His claim to fame was that in the 1963 season he led the team to only one loss.

Jim Harbaugh

In his time with the Chicago Bears his reputation as starting quarterback for the team was more impressive than that of Wade. He played for the team from 1987-1993 during this time he helped to take the team to the playoffs in the 1990 and 1991 seasons.

Jim McMahon

For someone who never actually played a full season for the Chicago Bears but his seven years with the team is still impressive. Between the time of 1982-1988 he helped to lead the Bears to the Superbowl in 1985 (and was a big part of the Super Bowl Shuffle.) When you are the QB for the greatest team in franchise history you have to make the list.

Sid Luckman

Luckman may have played for the Chicago Bears between 1939-1950 but his record is still impressive decades later. During his time as quarterback for the team Sid Luckman led the Chicago Bears to four championships. He also had an impressive record of scoring seven touchdowns in one game. Since Luckman left the team the Chicago Bears have only two other championships to date proving how good a quarterback Luckman was for the team.

Jay Cutler

Currently the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler has already raked up an impressive record. He is now being considered by some the best quarterback the Chicago Bears has ever had with good reason. Cutler is well on his way to breaking the long standing records made by the quarterbacks that proceeded him. If only he had some of the best defenders in Bears history.

He is now on track to even break Luckman’s long standing record. He has already in his seven years with the team surpassed both Luckman and McMahan in performance efficiency. Not bad for someone who was obtained through a trade after being chosen by the Broncos as a first round draft pick.  I think if he can get this year’s team to exceed expectations he’ll be the best without a doubt.

These are the ones considered by many to be the best quarterback ever to play for the Chicago Bears in the history of the team. Yes, again this is open to debate no doubt about that, but some of these names have indeed earned their place in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.